Good platforms to Accept Payments Online

Both regular people and businesses need to receive funds, but are you tired of dealing with long lines at the bank to get the money? Well, digital payments can save both you and the sender a lot of time and fees. Here are some good platforms that you can use to accept payments online.


For Businesses


Paycomp is an efficient and reliable payment service that can cater to both regular people and businesses. However, it is particularly great for businesses because of the number of payment methods that it has to offer. For instance, offers worldwide EFT transfers and wire transfers. Paycomp can reduce your payout costs, and makes it convenient to send and receive payments to other Paycomp accounts.


Dwolla is a fairly new platform on the market, but it is a competitor of PayPal. Despite being new, they are processing over a million dollars each day. Setting up payments through Dwolla is a lot like PayPal, so the process is relatively simple. Dwolla users can make customized payment solutions for same-day payments. If the transaction is below $10, there is no fee. There is only a $0.25 fee for transactions above $10.


If you are a web developer who wants to integrate payment systems into your projects, then Stripe is a good choice for you. Stripe works like a merchant account, handling all merchant approvals and PCI compliance. That way, it is easier for you and the business owner to receive payments. There are no monthly fees or set up fees, but Stripe does charge 2.9% and $0.30 for each transaction.

For Regular People


Venmo is extremely user-friendly and easy to use for people who want to simply send cash to small merchants, friends, and family members. Venmo makes it easy to split meals, utility bills, rent, etc., so it is popular amongst college students and other young adults. If you choose the transfer option that takes 1-3 business days to send, you will not get charged a fee. Luckily, instant transfers only have a very small fee, and most instant transfers can show up in the bank as quickly as three minutes. 


PayPal is a popular choice for most digital payment services, but it does charge a fee for businesses and shoppers. However, PayPal is free of fees if you send money to your family and friends if you use your bank account, PayPal balance, or both. However, if you use a credit or debit card, you will get a small fee charge.


Zelle is excellent for instant small transfers. There is no fee to transfer money. Zelle easily transfers cash between banks, which is why it is an excellent option if you want to send money immediately. There is no transfer limit if your chosen banks offer Zelle; otherwise, your sending limit per week is $500.

Using any of the digital money platforms above will help you get payments faster and safely without having to deal with tedious bank lines.